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If you are a regular reader here, you know that I love to think back to when I was younger. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis but to be honest, I have always had fond memories of growing up. One memory I have had was that every week my grandmother would stop by on Thursdays at four in the afternoon. She would come in with a stack of comic books as well as every tabloid that was on stand at the time, including the Weekly World News.

Though I would go through all of the tabloids, the Weekly World News was always my favorite. The stories were just so unbelievable. The covers would draw you in and then the stories themselves would hook you. I loved this. Stories of UFOs, pregnant mummies, bigfoot babies and cryptids were all covered, often with unreal photos. To this day I still have a small collection of the original issues.

Once the paper stopped printing issues and went online only, I stopped following the paper. It was an out of sight, out of mind type of situation. I was very excited though to find out that a special print collector’s edition featuring the greatest cover was due out in early 2021. I could not wait to check out this issue.

When it arrived I was happy to see that it was printed like it originally was, on black and white newsprint. For a time late in its run, the print issues went to glossy pages. This immediately brought back some great memories. New to me was PhD Ape and Spycat, but the covers were once again so much fun to see.

As of this writing there is a rumor that the Weekly World News will be coming back in print form, which I am very excited about. Reading those old issues and seeing the covers in this special issue brought a smile to my face and brought back so many great memories.

My first coverage of this paper, entitled “It’s Back!!! The Weekly World News to Return to Print!!!” was very popular and I have more coverage coming up soon! To order your own copy of Weekly World News Collector’s Edition: Greatest Covers, just click HERE!

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~David Albaugh

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