MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Evil Invader 51 by Ghoulish Productions

In 2021, Ghoulish Productions came out with their alien mask, Evil Invader 51, a companion piece to their earlier release, Area 51. While Area 51 had a more pleasant and gentle looking face, Evil Invader 51 definitely is an alien with questionable intent.

My initial thought was that Evil Invader 51 was a re-sculpt of Area 51. Though this may be true, the differences to me are significant enough to justify having both in my collection. Everything about this character looks mean. From the sharp teeth to the heavily creased forehead, this alien wants to mess you up.

I am not sure who sculpted this but they did an excellent job. The details are very organic and add so much to the character. Though the jet-black eyes are featured in both releases, they definitely look as though they can see into your soul here.

The skin is painted a darker, marbled-grey color with subtle, darker shading in the skin creases. The back part of the head also features some painted markings, not found in Area 51. In addition to sculpted veins in the head, there are also some nicely painted ones as well.

I also found this mask very easy to wear, like many of the Ghoulish Productions masks I have tried. The eye holes are more than adequate to see out of and provide extra ventilation. It fits nicely as well, like a second skin. Like Area 51, a human-like nose is added as well as slits for ears.

Like all masks by Ghoulish Productions, what you see is at least what you get. I have never been disappointed by any mask I have received from them. They always meet or exceed what is seen in their website pictures. The latex pours are of a decent thickness and they are sure to draw attention on any mask shelf. This is one company you can have confidence in.

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~David Albaugh

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