BASEMENT BOOK SHELF: “Spooky Tricks” by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames

As I get older, I am finding that many things in my life are coming full circle. Things that I enjoyed as a child are being remembered, bringing a smile to my face. Though I can forget what I was doing yesterday, fond memories from growing up stay with me forever. This book, “Spooky Tricks,” by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames, is one such example.

“Spooky Tricks” originally came out in 1968, though I didn’t get my copy until I was in the 3rd grade, thanks to the Schoolastic Book Club (I think that is what it was called), offered through my elementary school. Once in awhile the teacher would hand out a catalog to the students. We could then order books and they would be shipped to the school. When this book was in the catalog, it immediately appealed to me and looking back, was actually quite the influence on me for my later years.

The premise of the book is that youngsters can perform “spooky” tricks and illusions. The tricks are easy to perform and very effective for someone at the 3rd grade level. The directions are easy and most can be done with everyday household items. Included are illusions you can do for yourself, as well as those you can perform for others. I wonder how many actual magicians read this book growing up?

Interestingly enough, I never forgot this “Spooky Tricks” by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames, but did forget the actual title. One day while on Etsy I saw the cover of the book and everything clicked. This was the book! The artwork brought a flood of memories and when examples of the pages inside were shown, I just smiled (and ordered the book).

After receiving “Spooky Tricks,” it was so nice to see that it retained all of the charm of when I originally got this book. The artwork is fun (by Talivaldis Stubis) and the tricks are still just as effective. This is what I like about the time period from when I grew up. Things like this can be so influential to someone for the rest of their life. Children today just don’t seem to be encouraged to be creative and to learn new, possibly life changing things.

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