MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Enik the Altrusian by Chuck Jarman

In my latest Monstrous Mask Reviews, I am discussing the third in a trilogy of display busts from the show LAND OF THE LOST. The first I reviewed was the Sleestak Skull and the second was the Sleestak itself. Enik the Altrusian, also by artist Chuck Jarman, completes the set.

Of the three pieces, Enik is by far my favorite. The level of detail on this piece is just amazing. From the translucent red eyes to the crystal necklace, no detail was missed. The same sculpture used for the Sleestak bust is also used here, painted differently.

Instead of Sleestak green, Chuck Jarman has painted Enik is shades of brown. The normal black lenses used for the Sleestak bust have been replaced with red, giving much depth to the character. The costume also appears to be very screen accurate.

As with all of Chuck’s releases, he goes above and beyond with the extras. First off is the crystal necklace. This item lights up and the colors change as it pulses through its cycle. There is also a recorded track of Enik the Altrusian from the original show that can be played with the push of a button.

As with the Sleestak bust, Enik comes with a moss-covered wooden base with the Land of the Lost logo. If you are a fan of Land of the Lost, then Enik belongs in your home.

The best place to see what Chuck Jarman is currently offering is by visiting his Little Shop of Horrors Etsy store. For what you are getting, his prices are more than reasonable. I would recommend checking out his store often as he regularly adds new pieces and they often sell out very quickly.

~David Albaugh

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