CELEBRITY INTERVIEW: Actress Tina Sharma, star of the upcoming film PORTAL TO THE ABYSS

Welcome to my latest celebrity interview, the third in my PORTAL TO THE ABYSS series. This time I am talking to Tina Sharma, star of this soon-to-be-available film. Tina has been very busy lately, so the fact that she was able to do this is much appreciated.

BASEMENT: What started you in acting?

TINA: It all began with modelling when I was 16. I loved the creative side of the fashion industry and that grew into doing TV commercials and presenting jobs whilst I was studying. I really enjoyed being in front of the camera and having an opportunity to create different characters, so I explored TV and film roles as a part time passion alongside my finance career. In recent years, I have had lead roles in feature films, TV commercials and music videos where I have explored the production side of filming which has led me to leave my finance career to pursue acting full time.

BASEMENT: What were your influences growing up?

TINA: I was obsessed with old movies and allowing myself to get lost in them, I love a classic favorite regardless of genre. Being of Indian heritage, I’d say Bollywood played a huge part of my upbringing and the richness of the culture and fairytale was something I loved to watch.

BASEMENT: What are your favorite types of roles to play?

TINA: I love to play roles that are diverse and different from what I am used to, I feel it really gives me the opportunity to study people and how they think, how they move, what they might like or dislike. It introduces a whole other side of empathy which I think if you can master, you can really understand people better and I love that.

BASEMENT: What types of movies do you watch?

TINA: I love to watch all genres, it depends on my mood but my go to is drama, real life stuff that feels relatable where you can really feel a character and what they are going through. I often find when I watch a movie now and I’m drawn to a character, I will analyse how they are being portrayed and understand what makes them tick. 


TINA: A comedy horror is a new challenge for me so I’m very excited to be involved, I really like the concept and the vision of the production. 

BASEMENT: Can you tell us what your character is like?

TINA: Lucy, she’s a loving wife, house proud and always wants to keep up appearances for a seemingly perfect life which we come to find out isn’t so perfect after all. 

BASEMENT: Can you tell us about some of your other roles?

TINA: I’ve worked on numerous projects ranging from romantic drama to domestic violence, I have an upcoming lead role in an action feature film which I am excited to start filming later on this year.

BASEMENT: Do you have any advice for someone wanting to do what you are doing?

TINA: Believe in yourself! Focus on all the things you can do to achieve your dreams rather than limitations that you may think you have. I think as humans sometimes our default position is to look at ‘what if I can’t’  but you have just as much chance of ‘what if I can’ so just go for it!!!

BASEMENT: Where can people find you online (social media sites, IMDB, etc.)?


Website – https://tinasharma.com/

IMDB – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm12166446/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/people/Tina-Sharma/100077305836029/?paipv=0&eav=Afa2JJKPzjyHpjdNx5VcUjOcruysdjJHWmYIqDFlNumtldBP_gSOymAg0oHIBuOxk9Q&_rdr

I really appreciate everyone from PORTAL TO THE ABYSS who has been to agreeable to taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to me. I have one more interview to go and then I will be reviewing the short film itself.

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~David Albaugh

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