MONSTROUS MASK REVIEWS: Classic Sock Skull by Zagone Studios

Zagone Studios has oftentimes been the first to introduce a particular type of mask. In this case it is the moving mouth masks, also known as sock masks. The concept is that the latex mask is attached to a black sock that fits over your head. The jaw is separate from the rest of the mask and when you open and close your mouth, the mouth of the mask also moves as you do. In addition, this style of mask allows for great visibility and breathability.

Website photo of the Classic Sock Skull.
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As most monster kids my age did, I spent little to no time playing sports growing up. Instead, I spent my weekends watching any and all monster movies that I could find on TV. Each Tuesday, when the new TV Guide came in for the following week, I would go through page by page making myself a list of what movies were playing, on what station and at what time. Then I would try to watch as many of them as I could, of course assuming that our TV’s UHF antenna would actually be able to draw the station in at the time the movie was airing.

The first mask I ever saw with a hanging eyeball.
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