HOME DEPOT HALLOWEEN…Back with a Vengeance

While many retail outlets are celebrating Christmas in July, Halloween fans are readying themselves for the 2021 Halloween season. 2020 was a difficult year for yard haunters because of Covid, with many places cancelling Halloween celebrations outright. This year though Halloween is back and Home Depot is ready.

Home Depot stepped it up big time last year with the introduction of their 12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes (TM) LCD Eyes. This was the prop to have and I wonder if Home Depot was prepared for the demand. In my opinion, it is this prop that brought Home Depot in the forefront of Halloween props, far surpassing the offerings of Spirit Halloween. On Friday, July 16th, Home Depot had their own version of Black Friday by making available online most of their 2021 Halloween offerings, and they do not disappoint!

In addition to bringing back the 12 foot skeleton, Home Depot introduced us to the 12 ft. Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton with LifeEyes (TM) LCD Eyes. An added bonus is that this uses a power adapter instead of batteries for power. This is sure to be in huge demand and it wasn’t long before this item was backordered on the site. Initial reports said that this prop was going to be 14 feet tall but in actuality, it is 12 like last years skeleton.

Also new this year are the 3 ft. Halloween Animated LED Pumpkin Twins. These battery powered, animated figures feature ten phrases and their mouths open and close in sync. They are very reasonably priced for the pair and I like that they look like real little kids in the way that the clothes fit.

Another fun introduction this year is the 6 ft. Animated LED Man Eating Plant. The head and body moves on this creature and it says three phrases. Another plus is that this prop uses AC power instead of batteries.

Next up is the 8 ft. Giant-Sized Animated LED Dark Angel. This guy is guaranteed to frighten your guests not only with its huge size, but with the moving head and flapping wings. It features four phrases and also includes a power adapter.

Also new this year is the 6 ft. Animated Haunting Ghost Bride. This piece is genuinely creepy in that not only does it move in a mysterious manner but it also rises from five feet to six feet! It is battery operated and says one phrase.

Another piece guaranteed to be a best seller is the 7 ft. Animated LED Inferno Reaper. This piece is highly detailed and looks like a genuine skeleton. It features an LED flaming chest and eye cavities to fill your guests with fear. It is also AC powered so no worries of the batteries running out of power. It is motion activated and says three phrases.

One of my favorites is the return of the 5.5 ft. Tall Gargantuan Spider. It is completely weatherproof and features poseable legs. The eight eyes light up red and the hissing noises it makes are volume controlled. This is a battery operated prop.

Lastly is the very cool and scary-as-hell 3 ft. Jittery Jessica Creepy Reveal Doll. Creepy reveal technology features a quick change child’s face from friendly to shocking. It is battery operated and says one phrase.

I want to apologize as some of these items did not have pictures that could be used. I have included links to all items for easy ordering. Please keep in mind as well that this is by no means everything new they are offering! Their line this year is quite extensive so make sure you search the whole site. Happy hauntings!

~David Albaugh

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